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2019-01-22 ∙ FID Linguistik grants licences for commercial linguistic corpora

In a pilot project, FID Linguistik grants individual licences for linguistic corpora. The available corpora are selected from the catalogue of the European Language Resource Association (ELRA).

The new service is intended exclusively for researchers affiliated to an academic institution in Germany. With the financial support of the German Research Foundation, FID Linguistik established a special fund for licence fees. For the researchers the service is free of charge.

For a request of a corpus licence please use the web form provided by the FID. You can find the form, the list of the available corpora as well as detailed information about the participation criteria and the procedure in the module Licences for corpora.

2019-01-29 ∙ Online Survey: Research data in the linguistics

One of the main goals of the FID Linguistik is to supply discipline-specific scientific information: printed as well as electronic secondary literature, online resources, and research data such as linguistic corpora. The FID services are explicitly oriented towards the needs of the scientists.

FID Linguistik invites all linguists in Germany to participate in the current survey. The aim of the survey is to gather information about the work with research data as well as recommendations with regard to the present needs of the researchers (resources, infrastructure, etc.).

» Online survey "Forschungsdaten in den Sprachwissenschaften" [The online survey is closed.]

2018-12-13 ∙ Lin|gu|is|tik portal with the catalogue of the Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft

The Leibniz-Zentrum Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (ZAS) is a university-independent research centre located in the federal state of Berlin. Its objective is the investigation of natural language and its manifestation in individual languages. The research areas include phonetics and phonology, language development and multilingualism, syntax and lexicon as well as semantics and pragmatics.

The institute’s library is a reference library and a service facility for the researchers at the ZAS. Recently, the library catalogue has been integrated in the Lin|gu|is|tik portal. All references are available via the search function on the home page as well as by searching the "Catalogue module".

2018-05-28 ∙ The Journal for Media Linguistics is online!

The FID Linguistik supports the publication of linguistically relevant open access journals. It provides technical infrastructure based on Open Journal Systems (OJS) and guarantees for the long-term sustainability of the contents. Detailed information about the service can be found on

The first open access journal supported by the FID Linguistik is already online: The Journal for Media Linguistics (jfml) was launched on the 17th of May 2018 during a conference at the Institut für Deutsche Sprache (IDS) in Mannheim. The jfml publishes articles, reviews, and conference reports in German and English on an ongoing basis. For more information please contact

2017-05-10 ∙ Book suggestion for the FID Linguistik

Specialised Information Service Linguistics (Fachinformationsdienst FID Linguistik) provides a new service: You have the opportunity to suggest linguistically relevant books for acquisition.

If a desired book is not available in your local library and via interlibrary loan, then fill out the Book suggestion form – the team of FID Linguistik will evaluate your suggestion and purchase the book if possible. If you prefer the digital form we will try to get a license for the e-book. If a print copy is bought you can order it via interlibrary loan or Subito.

2017-04-06 ∙ Tutorial introduction to the Lin|gu|is|tik portal

“What does the Lin|gu|is|tik portal precisely offer und where can I find these offers?”

To help you get started with the portal, we have prepared an online tutorial. It consists of three parts:

  • Lin|gu|is|tik – Portal für Sprachwissenschaft. Teil 1: Einführung
  • Lin|gu|is|tik – Portal für Sprachwissenschaft. Teil 2: Das Kataloge-Modul
  • Lin|gu|is|tik – Portal für Sprachwissenschaft. Teil 3: Das Zeitschriften-Verzeichnis

The screencasts provide an overview of the modules and functionalities. Specific search functions are illustrated using examples from different linguistic areas.

The tutorial can be accessed via the homepage of the Lin|gu|is|tik portal as well as the YouTube channel of the University Frankfurt. For the time being, it is available only in German.

2017-02-28 ∙ Lin|gu|is|tik portal with the catalogue of the MPI for Psycholinguistics and DNB

The Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen focuses on the research of the psychological, social and biological foundations of language. Consequently, these research areas are represented in the library holdings. The catalogue of the institute’s reference library has recently been integrated in the Lin|gu|is|tik portal.

Furthermore, the search index has been enhanced by including the linguistically relevant sections of the catalogue of the German National Library (DNB). The selection of the titles is based on the language-related subject groups (DDC 400-499).

The newly integrated references are available via the search function on the home page as well as by searching the “Catalogue module”.

2017-01-13 ∙ Connecting the Lin|gu|is|tik-Portal with the Linguistic Linked Open Data Cloud

The new module Linked Open Data is available with immediate effect!

Resources from the Linguistic Linked Open Data (LLOD) cloud are now indexed in the Lin|gu|is|tik portal. The LLOD cloud includes, along with metadata collections, in particular digital resources such as machine-readable dictionaries and corpora. The connection between the Lin|gu|is|tik portal and LLOD was implemented by creating an LOD edition of the BLL Thesaurus and linking it to terminological repositories within the cloud.

Utilizing these links, an innovative search facility was developed. The LOD-based search is integrated in the Catalogue module and optionally selectable.

2016-12-22 ∙ Lin|gu|is|tik portal with open access database "Language Description Heritage"

Language Description Heritage (LDH) provides open access to descriptive material about the world's languages. The collection is being compiled at the Max Planck Society in Germany. It focuses on linguistic descriptions of less-researched languages. From now on, you can find these open access documents by using the search function on the cover page or by searching in the Catalogue module. Furthermore, a direct link to the fulltext is usually available.

2016-12-16 ∙ New sources and improvement of the technical infrastructure

The collection of the former Department of Linguistics at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (MPI EVA) was integrated into the search index of the Lin|gu|is|tik portal. The department which studied the diversity of human language existed from 1998 to 2015 under the leadership of Bernand Comrie. At present, the department's library holdings are hosted by the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History (MPI SHH).

Furthermore, the technical infrastructure of the Linguistik portal was updated. For the datasets originating from BASE, additional filtering was implemented. The functions in the Catalogue-module were optimized for the usage on mobile devices.

2016-06-30 ∙ Lin|gu|is|tik portal with five IDS Mannheim bibliographies

The Institute for German Language (IDS Mannheim) provides several linguistic bibliographies. Five of those bibliographies were integrated in the Lin|gu|is|tik portal.

The "Bibliografie zur deutschen Grammatik" dates back to the beginning of the 80s and comprises circa 30.000 bibliographic references covering German linguistics with special focus on grammar.

The "Bibliografie zur Gesprächsforschung" lists about 30.000 citations concerning conversation analysis, spoken language research and interactional sociolinguistics.

The additional bibliographies included in the portal are "OBELEX META", a bibliography of electronic lexicography, as well as two specialized collections of bibliographic references focusing on connectors ("Konnektoren im Deutschen") and prepositions ("Präpositionen im Deutschen").

2016-04-13 ∙ Lin|gu|is|tik portal with UB Frankfurt Retrokatalog

The card catalogue of the UB Frankfurt contains monographic publications acquired before 1986. In the course of several projects, the catalogue cards were digitalized, processed and made available as "Retrokatalog". Employing heuristic methods, we selected from the 1.7 million cards the linguistically relevant literature and integrated it into the portal. The references and their corresponding card images are available via the search function on the home page as well as by searching the "Catalogue module".

2016-02-11 ∙ Lin|gu|is|tik portal with BDSL

The Bibliographie der deutschen Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft (BDSL Online) is the most important subject bibliography of German philology – linguistics as well as literary studies. Currently, it provides more than 430,000 references for the years 1985 to 2015. A selection of linguistic publications is chosen by the incorporated classification "Deutsche Sprachwissenschaft (in Auswahl)". These bibliographical references are now available at the Lin|gu|is|tik portal. They can be found by using the search function on the home page and by searching the "Catalogue module".

2015-12-03 ∙ Functionality enhancement of the catalogue module

A few weeks ago the Lin|gu|is|tik portal enhanced its functionality by introducing new command buttons immediately visible underneath the entry in the hit list. The functions vary according to the status of the source. For open access sources a direct link to the fulltext is available. The further functions include: access to the fulltext via the Electronic Journals Library; availability check via the Journals database or the Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog; German-wide search in the Union Catalogues. You may also have the option to order via Subito, the document delivery service of research libraries (fee required). Several options may be available at the same time.

2015-04-30 ∙ English version online

Now the English website of the Lin|gu|is|tik portal is online. Texts and handling of the website are availabe both in German and English. Additionally all standardized terms of the content description are translated as well: "Subject", "Keyword", "Language", "Resource type", "Subject area", "Research type", and "Dictionary type" are searchable in English, too.

2015-02-12 ∙ Lin|gu|is|tik portal with BASE

Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE) is one of the major search engines worldwide for academic open access web resources. It provides more than 60 million publications from more than 3,000 sources. A selection of linguistic documents is now available at the Lin|gu|is|tik portal. Due to this you find an extra of about 400,000 open access documents by using the search function on the cover page and by searching the "Catalogue module".

2014-09-14 ∙ Online survey: Fachinformationsdienst Linguistik

After 60 years of funding "special subject collections" (Sondersammelgebiete SSG) at university libraries, the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG) terminates this program. – This decision includes the supply of linguistic literature.

As successors to these former called SSG the DFG plans to establish "subject information services" (Fachinformationsdienste FID). These FID should explicitly be oriented towards the current needs of the scientists.

Therefore this survey addresses to all linguists and language scientists in Germany. The purpose is to identify their wishes and needs for scientific information (supply). The results of the survey will be used for an application at the DFG for funding a "FID linguistics".

» Online survey [The online survey is completed.]

2014-08-08 ∙ Online dictionaries

We are glad to present the "Dictionary Directory". Here you can find access to more than 1,400 online dictionaries of various languages – most of them are freely available.

About 700 links were contributed by OBELEXdict, the online bibliography for digital lexicography of the Institute for the German Language (Institut für Deutsche Sprache IDS) in Mannheim.

2014-05-20 ∙ Enhancement of literature search

Since the beginning of this week you can find the free-of-charge electronic dissertations of the Deutsche Nationalbibliografie from the linguistic subject groups DDC 400-490 by using the search function on the frontpage and by searching the "Catalogue module".

Furthermore the Frankfurter Linguistik-Repository of the publication server of the University Library Frankfurt/Main has been implemented in the literature search. It includes free electronic publications, which are acquired and made accessible by the special collection General Linguistics, supported by the DFG.

2014-01-31 ∙ Lin|gu|is|tik portal temporary not available

Server shut-down: Due to safety measures referring to the controlled demolition of the nearby AFE tower, the Lin|gu|is|tik website will presumably not be available on Sunday, 2 February 2014 from 8.30 am until 2.00 pm.

Information referring to the AFE tower at Wikipedia

2013-11-07 ∙ Journal directory online

As of now the journal directory is available on the Lin|gu|is|tik portal with more than 1.800 linguistic e-journals. Please note: You can search the journals specifically for the linguistic issues or languages, which you are interested in. We have added this information to each and every e-journal.

Furthermore, we are glad to present you the official poster of the Lin|gu|is|tik portal.

icon Lin|gu|is|tik poster

2013-08-08 ∙ New module Research

Now available at the Lin|gu|is|tik portal: the Research directory with information about research projects, research groups, collaborative research centres, and research reports in the field of linguistics.

Furthermore, the number of registered websites is constantly increasing on the Lin|gu|is|tik portal. With the link directory and the online databases we can offer you by now more than 3,500 specialized resources from the internet.

2013-07-10 ∙ Flyer for Lin|gu|is|tik portal available

We have received many feedbacks and suggestions for our website and especially for the Link directory. We are happy about that and kindly ask you to continue your cooperation by contacting us. In order to make our website even more attractive, we undertake at present little beauty treatments. Furthermore, we designed a fancy flyer for you to see our offers at a glance.

icon Lin|gu|is|tik flyer

2013-04-17 ∙ Lin|gu|is|tik is online!

Last but not least – since 17 April 2013 the nestling of the German virtual libraries is online: "Lin|gu|is|tik – Portal für Sprachwissenschaft". We do not offer specialization in a particular philological direction, but try to reflect the diversity of linguistics. You find information on:

  • General and Comparative Linguistics
  • Historical Linguistics (Indo-European studies, Ancient oriental studies, Classical Philology, Early American studies, Coptic studies, Medieval studies)
  • European philologies (German studies, English/American studies, Romance studies, Slavonic studies, Skandinavian studies, Dutch studies, Baltic studies, Frisian studies, Celtic studies)
  • Non-European philologies and endangered languages (Arabic/Semitic studies, Austronesian studies, Finno-Ugrian studies, Japanese studies, Caucasian studies, Korean studies, Chinese studies/Tibetan studies, Oriental studies, Mongolian studies)

We endeavor to treat all subjects with equal dedication. The Lin|gu|is|tik portal is still under construction, and we work with full speed in creating new modules and the enhancement of our offer.

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