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1. Omniglot: Bibliography
Topic: Graphemics; History of language
Language: Chinese, Mandarin
Source type: Bibliographies
Access: free access
2. Sprachwandel
Topic: Graphemics; History of language; Lexicology / Etymology; ...
Language: Creole and Pidgin languages
Source type: Introductions / Tutorials
Access: free access
3. Our Languages
Topic: Language politics; Onomastics
Language: Australian languages; Kriol
Source type: Link collections; Reference works
Access: free access
4. First Peoples' Cultural Council, Brentwood Bay, BC
Topic: Dialectology / Linguistic geography; Ethnolinguistics; Graphemics; ...
Language: North and Central Amerindian languages
Source type: Bibliographies; Dictionaries; Introductions / Tutorials; ...
Access: free access
5. Enduring Voices - Documenting the planet's endangered languages
Research type: Research projects
Access: registration necessary
6. International Congress of Linguists 2013
Topic: Bilingualism / Multilingualism; Biolinguistics; Clinical linguistics / Neurolinguistics; ...
Language: Sign languages / Deaf sign languages
Source type: Lectures / Interviews
Access: free access
7. Nijmegen Lectures 2011 (January 9-11, 2012): Nicholas Evans - Coevolutionary Linguistics: Diversity, Culture, Mind and History
Topic: Bilingualism / Multilingualism; Biolinguistics; History of language; ...
Source type: Lectures / Interviews
Access: free access
8. LinguisticsPodcast
Topic: History of language; Language acquisition; Language typology; ...
Language: Artificial languages / Constructed languages; English
Source type: Podcasts
Access: free access

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