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1. Biblioteca Nacional Digital (BND) Brasil
Language: Arabic; Czech; Dutch ; ...
Source type: Catalogues; Full-text server / Archives; Introductions / Tutorials; ...
Access: free access
2. Bibliotheca Polyglotta
Topic: History of language; Onomastics; Translation science
Language: Arabic; Chinese, Mandarin; English; ...
Source type: Bibliographies; Corpora; Dictionaries; ...
Access: free access
3. Corpus des textes linguistiques fondamentaux (CTLF)
Topic: Grammar research; History of language; Phonetics / Phonology; ...
Language: Arabic; Berber languages; Chinese language; ...
Source type: Bibliographies; Full-text server / Archives; Reference works
Access: free access
Language: Arabic; Chagatai; Coptic; ...
Source type: Catalogues
Access: free access
5. Gutenberg Digital
Topic: History of language; Text linguistics; Translation science
Language: English; French ; German, Standard ; ...
Source type: Full-text server / Archives
Access: free access
6. hebrewCorpus
Topic: Conversation analysis / Spoken language; Morphology; Text linguistics
Language: Hebrew
Source type: Corpora
Access: registration necessary
7. Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel - Handschriftendatenbank
Topic: Graphemics; History of language
Language: Arabic; Aramaic, Imperial; Bavarian; ...
Source type: Full-text server / Archives
Access: free access
8. Index of Articles on Jewish Studies (RAMBI)
Topic: Applied linguistics; History of language; Language teaching; ...
Language: Hebrew; Hebrew, Ancient
Source type: Bibliographies
Access: free access
9. Institut de recherche et d’histoire des textes (IRHT)
Topic: History of language
Language: Arabic; Coptic; English; ...
Source type: Bibliographies; Catalogues; Dictionaries; ...
Access: free access
10. Ma'agarim - The Historical Dictionary Project
Topic: History of language; Language documentation / Field linguistics
Language: Hebrew
Source type: Dictionaries; Full-text server / Archives; Reference works
Access: free access

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