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1. Bibliotheca Polyglotta
Topic: History of language; Onomastics; Translation science
Language: Arabic; Chinese, Mandarin; English; ...
Source type: Bibliographies; Corpora; Dictionaries; ...
Access: free access
2. Generation Bank - a collection of systemic-functional grammars for natural language generation
Topic: Computational linguistics; Grammar research
Language: Bulgarian; Chinese, Mandarin; Czech; ...
Source type: Grammars; Link collections; Reference works; ...
Access: free access
3. International Picture-Naming Project (IPNP)
Topic: Bilingualism / Multilingualism; Onomastics
Language: Bulgarian; Chinese, Mandarin; English; ...
Source type: Image databases; Reference works
Access: free access
4. LIVAC Synchronous Corpus
Topic: Computational linguistics; Lexicography; Media linguistics; ...
Language: Chinese, Mandarin
Source type: Corpora
Access: partial free access
5. Microsoft - Language Portal - Terminologiesuche
Topic: Technical language; Translation science
Language: Afrikaans; Amharic; Arabic; ...
Source type: Dictionaries
Access: free access
6. Modern Chinese Scientific Terminologies (MCST)
Topic: History of language; Lexicology / Etymology; Technical language
Language: Chinese, Mandarin; Sino-Tibetan languages
Source type: Reference works
Access: free access
7. Multilingual E-Translation Portal
Topic: Translation science
Language: Arabic; Basque; Catalan / Valencian; ...
Source type: Dictionaries; Introductions / Tutorials
Access: free access
8. Shtooka
Topic: Second language acquisition / Foreign language acquisition
Language: Arabic; Belarusian; Chinese, Mandarin; ...
Source type: Dictionaries; Software / Tools
Access: free access
9. Sinica BOW - The Academia Sinica Bilingual Ontological Wordnet (BOW)
Topic: Computational linguistics; Semantics
Language: Chinese, Mandarin; English
Source type: Dictionaries; Link collections
Access: free access
10. Thesaurus Linguae Sericae (TLS). An Historical and Comparative Encyclopaedia of Chinese Conceptual Schemes
Topic: Computational linguistics; Corpus linguistics; Graphemics; ...
Language: Chinese, Late Middle; Chinese, Mandarin; Chinese, Old; ...
Source type: Bibliographies; Blogs / Forums; Corpora; ...
Access: free access

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