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1. Aboriginal Studies Electronic Data Archive (ASEDA)
Topic: Ethnolinguistics; Grammar research; Language acquisition; ...
Language: Australian languages
Source type: Bibliographies; Dictionaries; Grammars; ...
Access: partial free access
2. Africana Periodical Literature: Bibliographic Database
Topic: Bilingualism / Multilingualism; Conversation analysis / Spoken language; Dialectology / Linguistic geography; ...
Language: Afro-Asiatic languages; Khoisan languages; Niger-Congo languages; ...
Source type: Bibliographies
Access: free access
3. Africa South of the Sahara - selected internet resources
Topic: Applied linguistics; Ethnolinguistics; History of language; ...
Source type: Link collections
Access: free access
4. Aigyptos - Eine Datenbank zur Literaturrecherche im Fachgebiet Ägyptologie
Topic: Ethnolinguistics; History of language; Text linguistics
Language: Coptic; Egyptian language
Source type: Bibliographies
Access: free access
5. Alaska Native Language Archive
Topic: Conversation analysis / Spoken language; Ethnolinguistics; History of language; ...
Language: Ahtena / Ahtna; Aleut; Degexit’an / Deg Xinag; ...
Source type: Catalogues
Access: free access
6. Alaskool - Online materials about Alaska Native history, education, languages, and cultures
Topic: Dialectology / Linguistic geography; Ethnolinguistics; Language documentation / Field linguistics; ...
Language: Aleut; English; Inupiaq; ...
Source type: Dictionaries; Full-text server / Archives; Reference works
Access: free access
7. América Latina Portal Europeo
Topic: Ethnolinguistics; History of language; Language politics; ...
Language: North and Central Amerindian languages; Portuguese, Brazilian; Spanish / Castilian
Source type: Bibliographies; Full-text server / Archives; Linguistic associations
Access: free access
8. American Memory. Historical collections for the national digital library
Topic: Applied linguistics; Conversation analysis / Spoken language; Ethnolinguistics; ...
Language: English
Source type: Full-text server / Archives
Access: free access
9. America's Historical Newspapers including Early American Newspapers, Series 1-5, 1690-1922
Topic: Ethnolinguistics; History of language
Source type: Full-text server / Archives
Access: national license
10. Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature, 1920 -
Topic: Dialectology / Linguistic geography; Ethnolinguistics; Language acquisition; ...
Language: English
Source type: Bibliographies
Access: subject to license

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