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21. Handbook of Pragmatics Online
Topic: Bilingualism / Multilingualism; Clinical linguistics / Neurolinguistics; Conversation analysis / Spoken language; ...
Source type: Dictionaries; Reference works
Access: additional functions after registration; partial free access; subject to license
Topic: Applied linguistics; History of language; Lexicology / Etymology; ...
Source type: Full-text server / Archives
Access: subject to license
23. Library of Anglo-American Culture & History
Topic: Applied linguistics; Computational linguistics; Dialectology / Linguistic geography; ...
Source type: Bibliographies; Link collections
Access: free access
24. Mayan Epigraphic Database Project
Topic: Graphemics; Phonetics / Phonology; Semantics; ...
Language: Maya, Yucatán
Source type: Corpora
Access: free access
25. Mittelhochdeutsche Begriffsdatenbank (MHDBDB) - Middle-High German Conceptual Database
Topic: History of language; Lexicography; Semantics
Language: German, Middle High
Source type: Corpora; Reference works
Access: free access
26. Nacionalnyj Korpus Russkogo Jazyka
Topic: Conversation analysis / Spoken language; Corpus linguistics; Language teaching; ...
Language: Russian; Slavic languages
Source type: Full-text server / Archives
Access: free access
27. Nederlandse Familienamenbank
Topic: Dialectology / Linguistic geography; History of language; Onomastics; ...
Language: Dutch ; Germanic languages
Source type: Bibliographies; Corpora
Access: free access
28. Neuerwerbungen der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek (Osteuropa)
Topic: Applied linguistics; Bilingualism / Multilingualism; Biolinguistics; ...
Language: Slavic languages
Source type: Bibliographies; Catalogues
Access: free access
29. Online Bibliography (Medieval English Literature and Historical Linguistics)
Topic: Dialectology / Linguistic geography; Graphemics; History of language; ...
Language: English; English, Middle; English, Old
Source type: Bibliographies
Access: free access
30. Open Language Archives Community (OLAC)
Topic: Applied linguistics; Clinical linguistics / Neurolinguistics; Computational linguistics; ...
Language: Afro-Asiatic languages; Akan ; Albanian language; ...
Source type: Full-text server / Archives; Linguistic associations; Link collections
Access: partial free access

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